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schulz 13.06.2020 22:17

Sigefolc, Hadak Ura, Heidentor, Wolves Eyes & Panzerjager - Split
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[B]Country:[/B] Britain \ Canada \ USA
[B]Genre:[/B] Black Metal
[B]Year:[/B] 2020
[B]Label:[/B] Lower Silesian Stronghold \ Werewolf Promotion \ Doomsday Elite
[B]Bitrate:[/B] 320
[B]Size:[/B] 168
[B]Length:[/B] 1:13:14



01. Rise the Banners High
02. Warriors of the Sun
03. Eternal Flame of Europa

[B]Hadak Ura[/B]

04. Set Ablaze in the Copper Light of Dawn
05. Royal Blood
06. In Fields of Ash


07. Onwards to Valhalla
08. Forest Crowned
09. Gates to the Underworld
10. Restoring Nature's Balance
11. Poured Out from the Othrorir

[B][URL="https://rac-forum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=37113"]Wolves Eyes[/URL][/B]

12. As the Sun Rises
13. For Those Who Knew No Defeat
14. Legacy of the Ancients
15. Restitution [SIZE="1"](Outro)[/SIZE]


16. Introduction
17. Death to Their Holy Land
18. Sons of a New Dawn Rising
19. The Power of Vril
20. Bound to the Eternal Spirit of the Past

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