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Sweden Viking - Odens son

Country: Sweden
Year: 2022
Label: Midgård Records

Project of Bisson (Steelcapped Strength)


01. Odens son
02. Ormen
03. Vikingen
04. Hednaliv
05. Ingen tröst
06. Allfader
07. Kraft
08. Lejonet & Svea
09. Freedom
10. Trälen
11. Bonus

Nordic tones and melodies are woven together here into something unique and mystical. Can you say that Viking with its music makes the blood memory to be alive? In any case, musicians of Viking have managed to spot something that is difficult to put into words.

On vocals we find a voice that should sound completely familiar to the vast majority of people. Even considering how albums like Enhärjarna & Steelcapped strength have produced, it would be strange if you didn't recognize roasting.

We bought this release before the vocalist became Ansgar 2.0 and now met God. Which in this case is synonymous with "has left the hatred behind" about the same as his ex-girlfriend, you know the one who thought she was a "Nazi bride". A picture is painted of an unhealthy life filled with the hate.

If so, it may be possible to resolve the actual sentence discussed later if it is sent as follows: Ansgar 2.0 showed up and Christianized "Son of Odin" and we all went our separate ways.

This whole story doesn't get any less comical after you hear the bonus track on the disc. Quote: Label
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