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Usa Wellington Arms & Birthrite - You can't stop us!

Country: USA
Genre: Punk \ RAC
Year: 2021
Label: Rebel Records

The tough guys from Birthrite from Pittsburg are back. And this time they have the busy band Wellington Arms in tow, which so far could only come up with a few Internet videos and a handful of demo CD's. However, they have already achieved a certain level of awareness among some scene gurus. Their bassist Pete Mistro, who was still present when this split single was recorded, passed away some time ago. Therefore this CD is also a kind of tribute for Pete Mistro. Wellington Arms play an absolutely catchy, fresh and fast skinhead rock, similar to Birthrite. That they are shaped by the wild 80's cannot be denied. And if you're honest, they’ve even made a stronger impression than Birthrite. But all 4 songs of both bands reflect the working class skinhead sound of the east coast without any ifs or buts. Simple, raw, honest and with the fuel of today. The CD comes as a nicely designed ecopack with lots of photos of the protagonists and their friends. With that in mind: Hail Pete Mistro - Rest in Peace.

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