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Usa Kvasir's Blood - True Vinlandic black metal \ The Golden Thread

Kvasir's Blood - True Vinlandic black metal (Double tape compilation)

Genre: black metal
Year: 2021 (recorded earlier)
Label: Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution
Limitation: 50 pieces

Double cassette, 20 track compilation featuring a remixed version of the debut demo "Aloft on winds of the ancients", a remixed version of the debut full length album "WOTAN" plus numerous bonus tracks, some of which have never been heard until now.
Housed in a butterfly-style norelco case.
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Kvasir's Blood - The Golden Thread

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Breath Of Pestlence

First preview from the up-coming KVASIR'S BLOOD mini-album "The Golden Thread", to be released on CD and vinyl through B.O.P. Most of the material on this mini-album was written, and partially recorded, simultaneously with the "Triumph of the Will" album but never released before until now.
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black metal, usa

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