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Bulgaria Brannik

Brannik - Duty & Honor

Country: Bulgaria
Genre: RAC
Year: 2002
Label: self-released
Bitrate: 320
Size: 106
Covers: yes


01. Football Violence (Störkraft cover)
02. Stink
03. Bulgarians Wake Up
04. We are Skinheads
05. Nigger
06. Smash the Snake
07. Long live Bulgaria
08. Warriors of Tangra
09. White Might
10. Official Annoyer
11. Good and Evil
12. Gypsie Scum (Landser cover)
13. Invisible Enemy
14. Skinheads
15. Brannik

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Rock Against Communism
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Brannik - Стани един от нас (Become one of us)

Genre: RAC
Year: 2008
Label: self-released
Bitrate: 320
Size: 84
Scans: yes


01. Duty and Honour
02. Real happiness
03. Fight till death
04. Our power
05. A country at the end of Europe
06. Media lies
07. Become one of us
08. Social contamination
09. In the ass
10. The call of blood

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