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Germany Störstufe

Störstufe - Parole Spass (EP)

Country: Germany
Genre: RAC \ Oi
Year: 1991
Label: Street Rock 'N' Roll
Bitrate: 320
Size: 44
Scans: yes (2 EP Versions)

Project of Endstufe, Noie Werte & Störkraft.


01. Parole Spass (EP-Original with Outro) (02:48)
02. Skinhead (EP-Original with Outro) (03:49)

Bonus: (Self-Ripped;Splited Songs from Outros!)

03. Parole Spass (Car Version self Ripped) (01:35)
04. Outro1:Parole Spass (Car Version self Ripped) (01:15)
05. Skinhead (Car Version self Ripped) (02:59)
06. Outro2: Skinhead (Car Version self Ripped) (01:00)

The first one EP's with Outlay-Covers, these Limited to 120 Pieces, but additional copies was are 300 Copys with typical Presentation to Street Rock 'N' Roll Outlays!)

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Störstufe - Parole Spass (Re-Edition EP)

Genre: RAC \ Oi
Year: 2018
Label: Street Rock 'N' Roll
Bitrate: 320
Size: 27
Scans: yes


01. Parole Spass (Kraft Durch Froide cover) (02:39)
02. Störstufe (Endstufe cover) (03:49)

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endstufe, germany, noie werte, project, rac

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