icon2 Max Resist Tribute


Aug 10, 2006
Max Resist Tribute

Max Resist Tribute.jpeg

Country: World
Year: 2024
Label: Tinnitus Records

We continue the “Legends never Die” Tribute series and this time we have 14 Bands paying their Tribute to one of Americas Best. “Max Resist”.

For the first time in many years Final War is back with a cover song to pay their respect to Shawn and Detroit’s finest. But that’s not all. The Rest of the World joined in to make it the real deal. Kolovrat, Birthrite, Wellington Arms, 14 Sacred Words, Empire Falls, Joe Hated, Tailgunner, The Last of Us, Bastardized Deplorable, White Witch (KT8), The Yardbombs, Hundriver and Bulletproof are truly representing each and every Song to it’s best. 52 minutes that bring a lot of fun to you home from RAC to Hardcore you won’t miss out of the true sound of Max Resist.